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Patented and trademarked in over 40 countries, Crop Circles® is a “water saving” food growing technology set to disrupt global agriculture. Crop Circles use far less water than the current water wasting irrigation technologies; up to 90% of this precious resource can be saved each day.

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Designed for sustained agricultural use, Crop Circles maximize yield while minimizing space, water and labor. Crop Circle farming is “plant-and-forget” remote farming system that can be monitored periodically for timed fertilization, irrigation and harvest. An exponential yield factor grows up to 5 times the crop compared to conventional farm systems and methods of similar size.


A Crop Circle farm uses spot applications of water, soil and fertilizers to grow more vegetables, herbs and flowers saving time and money. Crop Circle controlled agriculture grows bigger, better tasting vegetables packed with essential nutrients missing from most of the commercial market vegetables sold today.

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The double spiral design maximizes sun penetration for optimal flowering and fruit set. Spiral cropping also provides for convenient walk in/drive in access to plants. Paths between spirals give plants room to grow, provide for ease of sowing and quick harvest.

A 2-acre spiral Crop Circle generates significant revenue for a farm. Spiral pattern openings may be configured double row quadruple row depending on crop type. A double row spiral has 138,000 openings spaced 6 inches on center suitable for large leaf green crops like Kale, bush beans, spinach and eggplant. A quadruple row spiral has 277,000 openings spaced 6 inches on center suitable for vertical crops like peppers, lettuce and corn.

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The concentric circle design suits a crop with a more vertical growth habit and needs little access during its growth cycle. Vertical growth crops like onions; celery and lettuce are grown much closer together than crops like Kale, eggplant, peppers, or chard, for example. Farm One Acre.

Vertical cropping increases farm revenue per square foot compared to a spiral Crop Circle. A smaller land footprint generates comparable income to the 2-acre spiral using just 1-acre of land. A 1-acre Crop Circle has 500,000 openings spaced 6 inches apart for maximum plant density. Access at planting and harvest is all that is required. Double cropping and double revenue may be achieved depending on climate and length of season.


Las Vegas has become the most unsustainable city in the world, the marshes drained decades ago in favor of development. The artesian wells and springs are long gone, farms have disappeared and the city depends on Lake Meade for its vital water supply. Unless extreme water saving measures are adopted, Las Vegas may run out of water in thirty years. The re-emergence of a farm on Las Vegas Boulevard after a half a century would make a powerful statement for sustainability. It would introduce water saving Crop Circles to thousands of visitors that visit the city each day. It's the perfect spot to show the world what we do.

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We receive many inquiries for help in third world. Most are from NGO’s but some are from individuals that just want to help. Contact us if you are interested in lending a hand. Donations always help, but there is a need for labor and expertise as well. Perhaps you would like to donate your time and help install a Crop Circle farm halfway across the world where it is needed most or offer your experience in some other way.

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Half the world is in trouble and the other half is not safe.

Water shortages and drought are now the new normal. There is a global effort to save this precious resource that has seen many governments imposing water restrictions, water restrictions so severe that people are no longer allowed to grow food at home. Little Crop Circles use just 1 cup of water per day to grow 24 plants; by far the most water efficient technology in the world!.

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