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FIELD Tomatoes

There are really just two ways to grow a tomato on the farm; greenhouse and field. Field tomatoes are less productive due to significant losses from insects and disease. Too little water or too much water at the wrong time of day or night can cause a multitude of problems such as cracking and blossom end rot rendering damaged fruit unsuitable for market.  Tomato growing is labor intensive and expensive. Mechanical harvesters lower costs but more fruit is damaged.


Growing tomatoes with Crop Circles dramatically increases profits for the grower. Fruit grows 30% larger with fewer imperfections commanding a higher price at market.

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Tomato Crop Circles

Tomato Crop Circles grow 30 tomato plants. All varieties are suitable, however beefsteak are the preferred variety because of their size, weight and popularity with consumers.

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We set up 2 circles on the farm; one for heirloom beefsteaks and the other for a specilized cherry pear tomato. We harvested just over 1,300 pounds of beefsteaks and 5,500 pear cherries from each circle.