Growing Cucumbers

Farmers earn thousands of dollars per acre growing cucumbers with cucumber farm Crop Circles

Cucumber Cultivation

Cucumber cultivation occurs two ways commercially; the hill method or the trench method.

The Hill Method: A raised hill about 6 to 8 inches across is created from soil. Typically, 5 or 6 cucumber plants are planted at the top center of the hill. Plants are watered from the center of the hill with an irrigation bubbler or an overhead sprinkler.

The Trench Method: A trench is created between two soil overturns created by a disk plow. A row of cucumbers is grown at the top of each soil overturn spaced about 6 inches apart. The trench is irrigated periodically to water plants.

Both methods require a lot of space and water, a precious resource in many parts of the world.

Farm Crop Circle

One farm Crop Circle replaces the 1,000 square feet needed by 10 cucumber hills and uses 90 percent less water than what is required by hill or trench production.

growing cucumbers crop circle cucumbers

Cucumber Crop Circles

Cucumber Crop Circles grow approximately 60 cucumber plants. All cucumber types are suitable for Crop Circle growing, including English Cucumber. Our cucumber Crop Circle grew to 25 feet in diameter creating a green starfish shape where vines wrapped around one another. We encouraged this starfish formation by moving vines in the direction of these outer legs. Each leg was incredibly productive, producing more than 100 cucumbers each day.

picking cucumbers

PICKLING Cucumber Harvest

Pickling cucumber harvest averaged 50 from each of the 8 legs that formed early around the outer edge of the Crop Circle. That gave us around 400 every 3 days over the 3 month growing season for a total of 12,000. Our total profit was $6,000.